School Uniform

Our school uniform containing our school logo is available to purchase from School’s In – Affordable School Uniform & Schoolwear – Staffordshire, England ( and from Longton Protective Clothing based at Timberland DIY Weston Infant & Junior Academies (  Parents are welcome to purchase the school jumpers or cardigans containing the school logo.  However, there is no expectation that school logos are present on any other item of school uniform.  Plain navy blue jumpers or cardigans can also be purchased from most local supermarkets/shops at a reasonable cost.  We do keep spare school uniform in school which has been donated to the school and is in good condition, if parents wish to access this.

Please follow the link to our policies page to find our school uniform policy – FED – Policies – Weston Federation

The school uniform and the P.E. uniform can be seen in the photographs below.


Watches are permitted if they are marked with the child’s initials. The school is not responsible if watches are damaged or lost. Only studs may be worn by pupils who have their ears pierced.


Long hair should be tied back during P.E. sessions and during the school day where possible.  Hair should not be coloured during term time , nor should pupils have extreme haircuts containing shaved in patterns.

Make up

Pupils should not wear make-up to school, including eye-shadow, lipstick or nail polish.